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Introducing our newest picture book!

Bubbl floats in front of earth

O this world! 

A bubble picture book

In this beautifully illustrated wordless picture book, a bubble travels around the world. The bubble crosses oceans, floats over coral reefs, brushes treetops, and meets friends worldwide.

10x10 inches • 42 pages

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Interactive bubble books


Bubble is born into a flurry of fire flies.

fireflies spread.jpg

Floating over the sea bubble finds a new under water friend!

mantra spread.jpg

Black and white stripes reveal a zebra in the tall grasses.

zebra spread.jpg

Baby kookaburras sing for their supper from a tree nest!

kokky spread.jpg

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colartivity book.jpg

Growing Feathers: Colartivity Book is a companion to the original Growing Feathers picturebook. It is designed to encourage daydreaming! In it are coloring pages, mazes, dot-to-dots, inspirational quotes, and much more.

8 1/2 x 11 • 99-pages

Ana's Diary of Places Where the Extraordinary May Happen FRONT COVER 2.19.2021.jpg

Ana's Diary of Places Where the Extraordinary May Happen is a mystical realism fairytale that takes place nearly one hundred fifty years apart. Ana, a tween from 2010 Brooklyn, sets about following what she calls "indicators."


These indicators are moments and events where she senses something EXTRAORDINARY may happen. In this story, Ana is joined by her twin sister Brianna. Lily is another tween girl, but she’s from 1870 Ireland and happens to be the younger sister of W.B Yeats.


The three girls launch themselves into exploits beyond space and time. 

6 x 9 inches • 131 pages

Coming soon!

Growing Feathers Cover White.jpg

Growing Feathers is a picture book of a young dreamer who finds and collects beautiful feathers. The feathers tickle his colorful inner world, and all the locked dreams fly out.


10 x 10 inches • 34-pages 

Yellowness Cover.jpg

YELLOWNESS is a wordless picturebook about a yellow chicken who adores all things shiny. This gets her into some trouble, but she has friends who help her out.

10 x 10 inches • 24-pages 

coloring bowls cover.jpg

Coloring Bowls is intended to both inspire and offer guidance for creating bowls. Each page includes a recipe along with all of the ingredients to color!

What does anti-inflammatory mean exactly? It’s eating for life that may potentially ward off serious diseases, help lose weight and increase energy.

8 1/2 x 11 inches • 99 pages