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On our cover Ana, Brianna and Lily enter the penumbra to find the hidden infinity cylinder

This mystical realism graphic novel takes place nearly one hundred fifty years apart. Ana. a tween from 2010 Brooklyn, sets about following what she calls “indicators.” These are moments and events when she senses something EXTRAORDINARY may happen. 


In this story Ana is joined by her twin sister Brianna; Lily is another tween girl but she’s from 1870 Ireland and jut happens to be the younger sister of W.B. Yeats. The three girls launch themselves into exploits beyond space and time. They travel into magical worlds not seen but sensed by most, no, by all.


With the help of a cast of extraordinary characters including a gang of fairies who live in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens’ bonsai museum, the last nine remaining BAN.SHEES, and a gender-neutral half-fairy; the tweens unleash a mythical shimmering presence that has been dormant in the human world for far too long.

Aibell is leader of the last nine remaining BAN.SHEES
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