Michelle DeMarco brings her extensive art background, animation and illustrating to llamaGoose Studios. She is an award winning fine artist who thrives on collaboration. If she's not in her studio making art then she must be off wandering in nature.

Carol Lovell, brings a whole bunch of experience in design and printing experience. She has a very keen eye and a big heart. When she's not designing she is most likely hanging out with friends and family.

Izzy is just Izzy, she mostly sleeps, plays and eats. The life of a cat!

Diane DeMarco, co-founder of the first cupcake truck in Boston, brings a whole bunch of experience in publishing, writing and editing as she continues to project manage in her day job. Yup she does a lot - and yup she  is also a collaborator extraordinaire. 

Shabrielee Matais is working on his first graphic novel A Bro's Guide to Transformation. He went through some sh*t and gained a whole new awareness about life. When he's not practicing jujitsu he's probably out and about meeting new people. He too thrives on collaboration.