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Silent Summer

Another Silent Book Recommendation

I was introduced to Zoom by a Buddhist meditation teacher. On the surface, this seems a bit above the average 4-year-old. It is not, and here’s why. A test of creative potential shows that most 5-year-olds are creative geniuses.

So instead of reading your toddler a story, try sharing a silent book and let them tell it their way; you might be surprised at what they come up with. When allowed to discover and exercise what they want to pay attention to, they strengthen their ability to focus independently. They go to creative places, and they’ll take you with them.

In recent studies about silent books, educators found that children talked more and used more diverse vocabulary while sharing the book. Try listening to what comes out of the silence. It can be pretty amazing!

Zoom is a delightful little book that draws viewers in and holds them as they wander into a splendid worldview.

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