Projects in the works


WoW! is, well, we are really not quite sure what WoW! is going to be. We have a collection of short, witty and funny stories for which we are developing characters and bringing them to life. We've begun a book layout as our first iteration. Who knows where they will go? Not us.

It's a true collaborative effort. Stay tuned!

Growing Feathers

An animated short about remembering how it feels to fly.  Here's a little inspiration in case you are thinking about it.

"I think I'm growing feathers,

But I'm not quite sure of it,

Cause I started getting dizzy,

About a Hundred feet up . . ."  Cloud Cult.

When learning to fly again one must not try too hard. One must only float. 

A Bro's Guide 

This graphic novel is stalled for now. We like the illustrations and have hopes that the writer will find their way back

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