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An illustrated cover of the words Growing Feathers surrounded by colorful feathers

Growing Feathers is a beautifully illustrated picture book that inspires kids to reach for their dreams.


This is a story about one quiet boy who navigates a bland
world. Then something amazing begins happening. Feathers of all colors drift downward. He collects them and strings them together on a stick.

As he skateboards through his Brooklyn neighborhood he holds them high over his head and his world begins to come alive.

It’s a story to revel in our diversity and see how our dreams are closer than we may think. Debut author-illustrator Michelle DeMarco encourages daydreaming, imagination and creativity.

8 1/2 x 8 12 - 36 pages

Paperback $6.99

Kindle $8.99



A young dreamer reaching for a yellow feather in front of a carousel horse. A page from Growing Feathers, a childrens picture book.
A big bubble in front of planet earth amid stars.

O this world! 

In this wordless picture book, a bubble lifts off and floats through our beautiful world!

Filled with beautiful illustrations of the bubble floating across oceans and over coral reefs. Bubble kisses a flower, brushes treetops, and dares a cactus field. Bubble meets many friends including kookaburras in a nest, a chameleon, a zebra, and others.

A wonderful introduction to planet earth and all of its beauty.

8 1/2 x 8 1/2 42 pages

A zebra watches a bubble drift past from O this world! A picture book for preschoolers
A bubble floats above a spotted manta ray in the Caribbenan from O this world! Picture book for preschoolers
A clutch of kookaburra chicks calls out to a passing bubble from O this world picture book
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