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"The Beetle Ballet" follows the captivating journey of Skylar, a whimsical dung beetle with a passion for dancing under the starry night sky. While his fellow beetles toil to clean up the night's mess, Skylar's graceful moves become a source of frustration among his peers. But Skylar's unique talent may save the day when their idyllic world is disrupted by encroaching artificial lights.


Amidst the chaos of flashing streetlights and predatory birds, Skylar leads his beetle friends in a dazzling dance that deflects danger and ushers in a newfound sense of unity.


"The Beetle Ballet" is a 26-page picture book of the heartwarming tale of courage and creativity, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, the power of community and the beauty of self-expression can light up our darkest moments.


With enchanting prose and luminous illustrations, this story invites readers to celebrate the extraordinary within the ordinary and find hope in the most unexpected places.

A big bad bird comes to eat the dung beetles. Oh no!
The cover of the amazing picture book Beetle Ballet about the magic of dung beetles and our light
The Beetle Ballet picture books shows how we can collaborate and make amazing things light up
The cover of O this world! A wordless picture book about the extraordinary adventures of a bubble as it floats around the earth.

O this world! A Picture Book - follow along on this wordless journey as a delightful bubble takes flight, traveling through the wonders of our splendid world. Adorned with exquisite illustrations, the drop gracefully traverses vast oceans, graces coral reefs with its presence, and shares tender moments like kissing a flower, caressing treetops, and venturing into a prickly cactus field. Along the way, this intrepid bubble encounters a delightful array of newfound friends, from the laughing kookaburras in their cozy nest to a color-shifting chameleon, a spirited zebra, and more.


This wordless picture book is a gateway for pre-readers into the wonders of our planet Earth, celebrating its awe-inspiring beauty in a silent yet eloquent adventure story.

A zebra watches a bubble drift past from O this world! A picture book for preschoolers
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EACHOTHER Kindle cover 8.5x8.jpg

"EACHOTHER" is a delightful picture book about Dolsy, a Doodlebug, and Crispee, a Tweetlebird, who form an extraordinary friendship despite living miles apart in Slooberdown and Tralfy Bay. They share a special connection and a unique bond that allows them to sense each other's emotions. When Dolsy gets into a predicament, Crispee, breaking his own rule of touching the Earth, rescues her and cares for her.


They explore each other's worlds as they heal, finding joy in experiencing life together. "EACHOTHER" beautifully portrays the enduring power of friendship, emphasizing that true friends are always there for each other, no matter the differences or distances, sharing love and support.

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EACHOTHER family spread (NEW 3-4).jpg
EACHOTHER 27-28.jpg
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