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Four ways nature empowers our well-being

Nature heals

Studies by the National Institutes of Health have shown that being in nature or viewing nature scenes can reduce anger, fear, and stress and increase pleasant feelings.

And we know from the NIH Emotional Wellness Toolkit that feeling better emotionally contributes to overall physical well-being by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Nature soothes

The relationship between humans and flowers is unique. Flowers are loved for their beauty even when they provide no other purpose.

Butterflies represent transformation and connection with our inner being. They are delightful reminders of growth, renewal, surrender, and trust.

Both connect us with the earth and the greater whole, which soothes and reduces individual pain and loneliness.

Nature restores

Viewing scenes of nature can calm and balance our overall well-being. NIH study explains that the benefits of viewing wilderness scenes are associated with meaningfulness and vitality. This particular study involved indoor viewing of pictures of nature and the natural world. Ultimately, they concluded that even looking at drawings of flowers and plants was helpful as preventative medicine.

Nature connects

Images and illustrations of nature can safely connect us to the more fantastic world, even when we don’t live near green spaces or can go out of doors. In one MRI study, when participants viewed nature scenes, the parts of the brain associated with empathy and love lit up. Nature inspires us to connect with our earth.

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