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A Wordless Wonder

Another by Christian Robinson

It’s refreshing to see bold primitive art in this wordless picture book. A white circle on stark black background becomes a portal to a story in a story or a dream within a dream.

While this may seem esoteric for a children’s picture book, it is not. In what we hope is the new post-pandemic world, creativity is emerging as a critical soft skill. The question for parents is how can we nurture children’s abilities to accelerate this cognitive revolution?

Today's world may feel like the wacky, beautiful pages of Another, with everything seemingly upside down. While we can’t predict the future, maybe we can help our children to create it.

Is it too much to believe that wordless picture books can create a more hopeful and inspiring future? Why not? Everything starts with a creative idea that was nurtured.

This bright, fun book doesn’t deliver a lesson; it shows the possibility of another world.

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