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Don't let summer slip away!

All summer long, I slowed to the speed of wildflowers. Little purple ones were peeking from the cool shadows, yellow and orange ones standing tall in the middle of a meadow, delicate, tiny soft ones among the pine needles and carpets of brilliant yellow buttercups.

A green meadow filled with blooming yellow buttercups in summer
A meadow filled with buttercups

Now Fall is creeping toward us with the calls of geese flying overhead.

Still, wildflowers can be found.

Some are summer stragglers like Queen Anne’s Lace that fills fields among encroaching goldenrod stalks. A few black-eyed Susan’s and cow vetch added to the mix.

Let us linger under the late summer sun amid the new autumn hawkbit, frost asters, and Canada goldenrod, even as the Monarch butterflies gather their strength for a long journey by feasting on wildflower nectar.

And so, we, too, gather sweet nourishment for the winter ahead.

Download our free September wildflower coloring book and savor summer for a little longer!

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