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Five benefits of mindful coloring.


Mindful Coloring asks us to focus on how we choose and apply colors in a design that brings our awareness to the present moment. This is similar to meditation and, frankly, more fun. We practice letting go of thoughts about tomorrow or yesterday or if we will finish the piece.

At this current moment, I am coloring.


We bring ourselves back to the present moment over and over again. When we think about the past or the future, we gently bring our awareness back to what we are doing in the present moment.

At this current moment, I am coloring.


We let go of judging whether the coloring in is good or bad, excellent or terrible, or whether we are good at it or not. There is no right or wrong way to color in; it is a form of self-expression. We enlarge our capacity for non-judgment.

At this current moment, I am coloring.


Mindful coloring can improve our overall sense of well-being. We feel more relaxed by paying attention to the present moment. We let go of stress and calm down. We learn an easy creative way to wind down.

At this current moment, I am coloring.


Our collection of beautiful pages can be a colorful inspiration. Be sure to find images that ignite your spark – these will make your heart feel nurtured and inspired.

At this current moment, I am coloring.

Michelle DeMarco is an artist, illustrator, visual storyteller, and yoga/meditation teacher living in western New England's hills. She spent much time outdoors growing up and still enjoys daily walks and hikes. Inspired by her love of nature, she often returns home with her sketchbook and iPhone filled with drawings and images of wildflowers, trees, insects, and landscapes.

She is also known for her award-winning egg tempera and illustrated children’s picture books.

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